I cannot believe that so many people barely know the names of their grandparents, not to mention their grandparents. I’m reading “American Tapestry” by Rachel Smirns
I cannot believe that baby boomers are surprised to learn of miscegenation in the not so distant past. It is disingenuous for white people on Henry Louis Gates’ show <a href="; to be surprised that their ancestors owned slaves.

I believe that in every family, someone is "hard wired" to tell the family history. I am glad I was chosen to be the deli or griot of my family. My father was the one before me. He passed onto me the stories. I listened to the adults over the years.

I was blessed to know two great grandmothers, two step grandmothers, and my personal spiritual advisor in life, my maternal grandmother. For it was grandma Brooks who planted the seeds of the Ho,y Spirit in me at her Pentecostal church. As I evolved from baptist to Episcopalian to CME to Believer, I thank my grandmother for her teachings, discussions, and patience.

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